The Residential Rehabilitation Centre

In Kambia Town, thanks to Children in Crisis’ funding, WESOFOD manages the RRC, a centre that welcomes and homes CWDs (children with disabilities) who have been abandoned by their families and would otherwise be alone in the street.

In this very rural and isolated region, disabled children often face the indignity of being carried into and out of public buildings, or having to go into the bush when they need the toilet.

The RRC has been built to give as much independence as possible. The doorways are wide and there are ramps into and out of the building to accommodate mobility aides. The toilets are disabled-access, the children each have a bed of their own, and the plumbing infrastructure means that the children no longer have to struggle getting water from the well every day.

Having a home which offers such basic freedoms means so much to these children.

3rd Year Anniversary Celebrations